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Your benefits

New publishers
Generate new publishers without major marketing effort - nationally and globally
Free integration
Connect your network for free and your merchants get instantly shown to all publishers
Growing user base
Benefit from the constantly growing number of users in the long term

How to connect

There are two options to connect your network to affilitizer.
1. Via a list of programs

Please provide a download of a list of all your affiliate programs in CSV, XML or JSON format. Each merchant (affiliate program) contained at least the following information:

  • Name of the program (e.g. "OTTO Germany")
  • ID of the program
  • Plain text domain (e.g. "")
  • Status (active/inactive, true/false, you name it)
  • Country of the program (optional)
  • Click Tracking Link (optional)

An always up-to-date list must be available for download several times a day.

2. Via API

You may already have a publisher API that offers these requirements. Please make sure that no monitoring is provided for our access as we neither promote advertisers nor deliver traffic. We only promote your affiliate programs.

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